Saturday, October 20, 2017

Course Playing Conditions:

 Oak and River Courses are open today.
The Oak Course has cart restrictions following last week's over seeding.
From the tee please drive on the cart path then at the ropes drive on to the fairway.
Drive on the fairway until you get near the green then exit onto the cart path.
Please don't drive on the over seeded rough. 
Bluff Course closed for over seeding. 

Daily Maintenance 

. Over seeding the back part of the driving range tee.
Servicing the tee amenities.
Cutting back the oleanders on number 4 and 7 tee complexes.

Special Projects:

This week the Bluff Course is closed for over seeding of the roughs.
Next week the River Course will be closed for over seeding. 









Mostly Sunny
High 65°
Low 45°
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